Mandatory mask in Madrid to stop the second wave of Coronavirus

Alberto Martín

Madrid's government approves new restrictive measures in view of the "change of trend" in the evolution of contagion

Source: El Mundo

The Covid-19 infection curve has experienced a "change in trend" in the Community of Madrid in recent days, as recognized by the Ministry of Health, with a total of 11 identified outbreaks. Only on Monday there were 90 more positives than the 48 recorded in the previous 24 hours, which means that the incidence has almost tripled overnight.

In addition, the number of people under 40 years of age has risen from 138 to 744 in 15 days and the average age of the patients has fallen from 55 to 35 in just three weeks. Given this scenario, the Government of Isabel Diaz Ayuso yesterday presented a new set of measures with which it tries to curb the expansion and "avoid total confinement above all else," with a special emphasis on the request for awareness to the group of young people.


Until now, the use of the mask was mandatory only for travel on public transport and in enclosed spaces where it was not possible to maintain safe interpersonal distance. However, as of tomorrow, Madrid joins the other 15 autonomous communities that have already stipulated that this protective garment must always be worn in general and specifically include its use on the terraces, as the autonomous president, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, underlined this Tuesday.

Among the exceptions, however, are activities in which "by their very nature" the use is incompatible, such as the consumption of drinks and food. Nor will it be necessary to do sport outdoors or in natural spaces outside population centers, as long as the influx of people makes it difficult to produce crowds.

The mask will also not be compulsory for children under six years of age, people who have any type of respiratory illness or difficulty that may be aggravated by its use and those who, due to their situation of disability or dependence, do not have the autonomy to remove it or present behavioural alterations that make it unviable.