500ml DAR ADYGEL Viricidal Disinfectant

Dar-Adygel - Viricidal Disinfectant is a liquid disinfectant with a powerful virucidal effect, fast drying, with an alcoholic content greater than 70º. DAR-ADYGEL is ideal for the deep disinfection of hands and all types of washable surfaces, especially all those surfaces or elements that come into contact with the hands: door handles, railings, work tables, computers, etc. guaranteeing a perfect disinfection.

Hand disinfection: Spray liberally on hands, spread and rub for a minimum of 30 seconds and allow to dry. Do not clarify.

Surface disinfection: Spray liberally on the surface and spread, if necessary, with a damp cloth on the product itself so that the entire surface is perfectly wet.

In electrical appliances, computer keyboards, etc. apply with a cloth soaked with the product, spread and wet the entire surface well and let it dry. Do not clarify. Always disconnect electrical appliances before applying the product and do not reconnect until it is completely dry.